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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Update

WEll all of you who know me have heard about my health issues and Ange told everyone I was burglarized, so instead of sending a mega email I thought I would update my lj and then you can read it or not.

First, the Good - started out bad, but a somewhat happy ending: Burglarized (breaking and entering the dwelling place of another at night with the intention of committing a felony within). On February 16, 1 year to the day I quit my last job, my house was burglarized. Some tweeker broke in through the back kitchen window (cost $232 to fix window) and stole my computer and my camera, so all my photos and files, gone. **** Moral of story, back up your system****.

I was devastated as I am signed up to take the CA bar and I need a computer to take the test, that and I had already downloaded the program to take it (costs $120 to use program). So I ran out and got a new computer with printer and all that stuff for $1061 with $220 in rebates to mail away. Again still unemployed and really running out of money. I called the burglary department to report my serial number for both items and then tried to set up the new computer, you all know what a time consuming mind f8@& that can be.

So Tuesday at 9 am, knock on the door. Two detectives and I exclaimed, your not here about the burglary??? They said yes and that the officer who came that Friday night never wrote down my phone numbers. They found my laptop in a pawn shop, srs bsns, I was shocked. I have been burglarized and mugged several times and never got anything back. When I first moved into this house, my niece invited some druggies in and they stole my computer and printer, 19 days after moving to Vegas and 6 days before I started law school. This computer is the one I bought to replace the last one. Detective called me back and arranged to meet at the pawnshop on Wednesday morning at 10:00 am and make a statement and retrieve my computer. Here's the weird part. The guy had to give ID to pawn the computer so they have him, and he pawned it at 10:23 pm on the 16th, the same time I was on the phone to the police to report my house was burglarized. And the computer is fine, nothing wrong. I am typing this on it now. So that is the happy ending. I have signed up for Flickr and will download all my photos for safe keeping in the future.

The BAD - right my health issue. The results are in, I have auto-immune hepatitis, and I am in Stage 3 - advanced fibrosis of the liver, stage 4 is transplant time. This disease is due to my Rheumatoid arthritis- my immune system used to attack my joints and is now attacking my live, just gets better and better. It is official now, I can never drink any alcohol again or take tylenol. I am on prednisone, major doses and will be on it for years, plus Azathioprine which is an immune system blocker that is used in kidney transplants to stop rejection and in bad cases of RA. The good news is that these drugs will halt the damage to my liver, that is if they work and my eyes will start having tears now as it controls the Sjogrens syndrome as well. There is a chance this won't work, but too soon to tell. Plus the liver can regenerate over time if the inflammation goes down, that is if the drugs work. This also explains my fatique and feelings of depression over the last year and 1/2. Now I am just depressed because I thought I was in remission and I was wrong. Prednisone did stop the swelling last time when I was on it for my full body every joint inflammation with RA, so I am hopeful. And I will be gaining back all the weight I lost due to my liver not functioning correctly and more due to the pred. Batshitrix may not be an option in July, lol.

The Ugly - Due to all the drama that has happened with the burglary and my health issues, I have entirely fallen behind in studying and am finding it hard to start again. Oh well, and still absolutely no job prospects. So Back up your systems and say a prayer for me that I pull it together and pass the CA bar, this may be the only chance I really have of being an environmental lawyer.

Going on Hiatus

Not that I post very often, but I am going to be moving and I need to concentrate on getting a job, selling the house, and packing the rest of my stuff. So I will not be going on LJ again until I am situated in a new home with a new job. I will be attending Azkatraz, so I will see whoever goes there. Ciao, Morag

Tagged Yikes

I too was was tagged to do this by the awesome angulique for the music memey thing. So I dragged out my two ipods and one has all law discs for studying for the WA bar, which of course I did not listen to,lol. My little shuttle for running is all music, so here goes.
1. Select Random on your MP3 player/windows media player.
2. List the first five songs and what they mean to you.
3. Tag five people.
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I had a dream lastthat Zombies were attacking people at the convention I was at. And this had happened last year at the last convention I was at. Weird. I often have dreams where I am being chased, but never by Zombies. And if they touched you, you became one. Plus the convention I was at had a lot of RV's and old people and no HP references what so ever. Go figure. So do you think convention stress? I don't know, but I do know when I last talked about Zombies and it was on the Dizzy trip. Again, Weird. and Somewhat amusing.
That's right. I have managed to do almost nothing to the house in the 4 months from the bar and I am floundering in undone projects. Plus Portus, plus Accio and the Scotland Trip (that's what I am calling it, lol. I think Nicole might get this vague reference.) And next week the sleep over. Yikes, I need to get super powers or magical powers. At least I seem to be feeling a bit better. So what to do now, A quiz from Stephers, with amazing results, lol.

What Middle Earth race do I belong to????
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Phantom of the Opera

Do I dazzle you? You know I do.
Nicole got tickets to see the Phantom at the Venetian last night for both of us and it was DAZZLING, really Sparkling, actual fireworks. Thank God Nicole kept telling me when to close my eyes or I would have retina burns today as a result of all the flashing lights, fires and fire works. What a beautiful set and costume, plus I almost cried, and considering I don't make tears that is really saying something. Beautiful and I recommend it to all who visit or live in Vegas.

Long journey post

Honestly, what a funfilled, exhausting weekend. We went to many of my old haunts, managed to avoid both my ex-husband and the Saturn in the ramp from Fwy 10 to the 405, and did not even get drunk ever. I have been at the computer all day catching up with my email, lj etc. We rocked the Pirate hats all through Dizzyland and everyone was saying cool hats. We told everyone Ange made them and I kept calling Ange Captain in a hoarse voice, it is probably going to ruin my real one. Nakki is now the Quartermaster, if you don't know what position that is, then you don't have the Pirates Code. I bought one in Downtown Dizzy. Yikes so much has changed since the last time I was there. there are way too many things to do in one day. Need to stay two days and three nights at least.

Klaudia took me over to Cal Adventure which was being built when I was there last, neatest ride is the Cal Scream, it is a roller coaster that shoots you up the first ramp, the best absolutely. I hobbled back to the motel after Tower of Terror 'cause my feet swelled and I developed a kind of hively rash on my ankles, back of knees and legs. That has only happened before when I ran marathons, which proves how much you walk at Dizzyland.

Trying to join the ONTD twatlight community
as well as Ange kept entertaining us with the stories from that community. I hope this works.

Also called Kinkos and am going to get the tickees laminated from a jump drive I have.

Plus I am off to Phantom with Nicole this evening, squee, tooooooo busy. I need to nap now.

Debauchery? Yes Please

The evening started out with such promise. LVHPF met on Friday at the Crown and Anchor Lite, a smaller version of the one on Tropicana. I got there a little late and everyone was already eating. Being my usual jovial self,I was talking raunchy and loud especially since Chris had brought two new friends and I was trying to find out about them and make them feel comfortable. Then the evening started to unravel. Waitress asked us to keep it down, we actually managed to scare off 6 people who live in Vegas, but are originally from England. Captain Ange said 'let's go to the Artisan' and we paid and off we went to our little imitation Hogwarts.

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Cupcakes are great

Went shopping yesterday and bought a dozen chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and candy sprinkles, I had a coupon and needed a pick me up, lol. I also watched the first 2 Torchwood episodes and I am totally hooked. Watching the special features, I found out Captain Jack was a character on Doctor Who, soooo, that's right I watched the first episode of Doctor Who on netflix instant play. I blaim Matt and Stephers for this, curse you both. I am so totally a fan girl, and at my age, not so pretty, XDDD.


I want to shorten my entries so that they don't take up space, SOOO, HELP all you computer savvy compadres out there.

PLUS *drum roll* I found out yesterday that I passed the Washington State Bar, yeah and yahoo, cause I was never taking that again. Now I am going to be licensed as a lawyer in Two states which makes the results of my tarot even funnier.
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