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Morag Logan
29 November 1957
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I am a Gryffindor, although many of my friends are Slytherin, and I have been called a Gryfferin more times than not.

I went nuts in 2007 and went to London to see Harry naked and managed also to see Lucius, Professor's McGonagall and Sprout and got autographs from them (not Dan he is impossible to get). I also went to PR, Sonorous and Prophecy with my LVHPF cronies. Miracle of miracles I won tickets to JK Rowlings Open Book Tour, so it was off to New York where I met her. Well me and 1999 other people. I managed to squeek out my name, "Hi I'm Morag" and (horror of horrors) "I love you" while she was signing my book. Right, I am a total prat. I also had gotten a Deathly Hallows rune tat for the occasion and never showed her. It is a tramp tat for you all in the know. Plus I turned 50, which finished my year with a thud

This year 2008, I attended Portus and Accio I really enjoyed Snapefest. I managed to procure 5 signed JKR books at Accio and I have a DADT policy on the amount spent. I took the Washington State bar in February and found out I passed on Cinqgue de Mayo, arriba. I am now packing to move to Washington so that I can be close to my brother Alistair, his lovely wife Catherine and my adorable angel baby nephew, Ian. I will be doing environmental law or get a job as a biologist, as I will only be happy doing that.

Next year will be fun as I am in charge of the Auction at Azkatraz and I am already working on my Batshitrex costume. (right like you never thought of it.)

Toodles, Mad Moaning Morag (Yes you will have to ask0

a good sunrise/sunset, action sci fi movies, harry potter, indian food